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For Grief, Trauma, Anxiety, Fear and Anger.  All of Life's Challenging Journeys.

Feeling stuck? Feeling sad, angry, hurt or fearful? Or all of these feelings together.

Confused? Not sure why and what your feelings are telling you?

Is fear, anger or sadness showing up every day but you don't know how and what these feelings are telling you or how to move forward?

Have you been down other pathways to healing but your mind hasn't figured it out yet?

Are you overwhelmed by feelings that we have all been taught to judge as negative and told to "control".

As a certified Breathwork Counsellor, Jen O'Bryan can help you find your way to your inner self with feelings as your guide.


What is Feeling-Focused Counselling with Breathwork?  

Be guided by Jen O'Bryan

- Deep down we all know we have the ability to self heal.  You might be reading this now because you are trying to understand yourself. Maybe you want to understand something deeper in your self but can't access it with your intellect. Your feelings and emotional life are telling you to listen. Something isn't working for you in your life or in your relationships, your work or your own self fulfilment.  Emotional, spiritual, soul and physical distress are all ways our being is telling us something isn't right, something needs our attention. 

- We know deep in our soul when something isn't right.

- Issues we encounter from our human experience such as birth trauma, school trauma, parental abandonment grief and loss may be held in our body. We are trained to either control, push away or mostly to repress our feelings to make others comfortable. When we suppress these feelings they get 'stuck' in our body.

- Some feelings such as anger and hatred, we are told are not acceptable and must be avoided or transformed. Most of us were never taught to understand feelings and emotions. It wasn't a subject on the school curriculum! 

But what if we were taught as young children that all of these feelings and emotions were acceptable and we were shown ways to understand them and what they are trying to tell us? What if feelings and emotions were not imprisoning us? Perhaps then fear we have held onto for a long time would not manifest as anxiety.  Sadness, grief and anger may not become depression.

- Talk therapy only takes us so far in the journey to self understanding and experiencing these feelings and emotions. If we could figure it out with our mind alone we would have. Often it is our body that is holding a pattern of being because we have pushed our feelings down inside ourselves. 

- In Feeling-Centred-Counselling with Breathwork all feelings and emotions are accepted. They are viewed as important messages to us.

Feelings have energy and this connects us to our internal guidance system in our body.  A feeling is a mental portrayal of what is going on in your body when you have an emotion. Shame for example causes us to want to shrink out of our body, to curl up and hide.  It may feel like a heavy weight in our chest or heart. Anger, rage and hatred whilst unacceptable and to be avoided may be sitting deep in our gut churning away, creating poor digestion.  Anger, if it was heard in us may be telling us that someone has crossed an important personal boundary and we need to speak up about this.  Being able to access this feeling in our body acknowledging and accepting it is the first step to really understanding what the message is to us, what our history is with this feeling and how we can then work with it.

-  Breathwork can take us there, into our body and these messages. 

- Feeling-Focused-Counselling using Breathwork is a dynamic process engaging conscious connected breathing to focus in the body where feelings, trauma, and memories are held.  Using the breath intentionally we can start to go deeper into our experiences.  We can bring feelings into consciousness, finding where in the body they are held.

- Then you can work deeply with the original memories of these feelings using breath and your body to guide you. Jen O'Bryan can help you to understand what part of you is activated, what part of you needs to be heard, for example; is is a younger you who hasn't been heard in the past.

- As a Feeling-Focused-Counsellor Jen offers deep listening and acceptance of these feelings, which is the beginning of the healing. The way Jen works is to be fully present to you, to fully witness and hear what is happening right now.  To hear what is overwhelming you or what you cannot make sense of.  

- The self healing begins when you listen to your body and then work to integrate these feelings into your current life.  When you are self acknowledging and can be with that part of yourself who needs to be heard.

~ This power lies within us all. The journey is to go inward with breath and listen. ~

Grief, Loss and Life Transitions 

Sitting with you in grief, loss and major transitions or life crisis.  Providing deep listening and holding a space for you

Support, acceptance and listening to all feelings

Embracing and understanding feelings and emotions

to accept them into your life

Who Am I in relationships

Understanding how we relate to others and how to be with their feelings


 What Happens in a Session?


A Feeling-Focused Counselling session lasts up to 90 minutes with a check in at the beginning to understand what is “up” or activated in you right now in your life, is it something you cannot fully understand in yourself, is it a friend who you can't communicate with, a work conflict or a life transition such as menopause or the loss of someone in your life.  What feelings and emotions are overwhelming you right now?
Jen will ask you to lie down in a warm safe space and begin conscious connected breathing.  You may also stay seated to breathe if preferred. 
Jen will guide you all the way and coach you to stay connected to your breathing.  I will ask you what you sense in yourself and in your body.  
This process will last up to 45 minutes sometimes more. 
Then there is a chance to integrate what happened in the Breathe with discussion and observation.  We will review what arose for you in the breathe and how it relates to your currents issues.


Our breath connects us from outside to inside.


Feeling-Focused Counselling with Breathwork is a journey into yourself.

To navigate your emotional, spiritual and physical healing.


About Jen O'Bryan

All feelings are a guide

 I feel passionate about working deeply and honestly with feelings.  My own life experience has shown me that this is the way to healing and self understanding. My life journey through trauma, deep grief and an ongoing desire to really face myself has lead me through many modalities of healing and spirituality, including anthroposophy. Trying to understand myself and change my habits and relationship patterns through thinking only lead my so far.  It wasn't until I worked  with Cindy Aulby as a therapist and also my Breathwork trainer, that I truly faced my patterns, my long held grief and myself that I could really transition and heal.  My journey took me through deep soul and spiritual listening.  

I combine my life experience, my 30 years working as a Palliative care nurse, an Anthroposophical nurse and my understanding, so far of what it is to be human, with my current training as a Breathwork Counsellor to sit with you on what ever life journey you face. 

I love connecting with people, listening  and understanding their life journey.

I love being a mother of teenagers who teach me so much every single day!

Nature and water are healing forces for me and I try to connect with the sea every day.


Registered Nurse 1985-2019, including 30 years work in Palliative care, Victoria.

Cancer Nursing Certificate 1990, London.

Diploma of Holistic Health Care 2012, New Zealand.

Breathwork and Body Centred counselling training 2018- 2019, Hobart.

Introductory 10 hour course in Internal Family Systems October 2018, Hobart.


Take your first step

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I am available right now via Zoom or Face time.  Online sessions work very well and you can remain in the comfort of your own home.  Save time, travel and costs.

Fees for a 90 minute session are $130

I look forward to hearing from you and sitting for you.



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